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Radon Testing Agreement

This agreement is entered into by and between Inspections, Inc. hereinafter  referred to as Company, and _______________________________________________Client, for the purpose of testing the dwelling at _________________________________________________________________.

It shall be the responsibility of the Company to place a suitable radon detection device in the home designated for such time as shall be determined by the Company  to detect the presence of radon gas within the home.  Client understands that the Occupant of the house must hereby agree to fully cooperate, understanding that his/her cooperation is necessary to effect the purpose of this Contract. Company hereby agrees to remove the radon detection device after a suitable time to be determined by the Company.

It is agreed by all parties that complete cooperation of all parties is necessary in order to obtain a proper reading.  Company reserves the right to advise Client of the Occupant's failure to cooperate and under such circumstances the Client hereby agrees to be bound for the fees for services rendered herein plus all reasonable costs of collection.

It is understood by the parties that certain factors can influence the outcome of the test.  In the event there is, on behalf of Company herein, reason to believe that a subsequent test may be necessary, the parties agree that such a test, if recommended, must be run in order to establish the accuracy of the test herein.

It is specifically agreed by the parties that the various factors influencing the presence or absence of radon gas in the dwelling are such so as to limit the results of the test run herein to the time period in which the test itself was run.  It is, however, affirmatively stated by the Company that the test utilized by the Company is sufficient to detect the presence of radon gas if said gas is present within the dwelling at the time the test is run, assuming the instructions of the Company are followed by the Occupant of the dwelling.

The charge for the implementation of said test, placement of testing device, retrieval of the device, analysis of the device, and written confirmation of the results of the test shall be:____________________________($__________)   It is further understood that additional testing, if necessary, shall be at an additional charge.

This agreement is entered in this __________day of ___________20__.


Inspections, Inc.